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About JML Distributors

JML Distributors started operations in March 1985 and have been in the sticky business ever since. Ease your production line with our speciality lubricants and sealants and solve your sticky problems with our adhesives.

As independent suppliers of industrial adhesives and maintenance products we have a direct line to goods you needed yesterday! We can supply all well known brands, both locally manufactured and imported. Our expertise is market experience and product knowledge and our pride is our service.

Our core business is the supply of all kinds of adhesives, sealants, speciality lubricants and maintenance products to the trade and our specialities are silicones and superglues. We also supply, PVC, rubber, plastic and silicone "o" rings, sheets, pipes, tubes, hoses, etc.

Some of our products are imported in bulk and packed in South Africa, others are manufactured and packed specially for us in this country whilst some we manufacture and pack ourselves.

We take pride in our product knowledge and in being able to source and acquire very specialized products on demand when they are specified for certain types of machinery within very strict parameters.

Our prices are market related and because our overheads are low we can generally match the best in the marketplace. Our service is our pride and stock items can be delivered in Gauteng within 24 hours of receipt of firm orders. Same day deliveries are the norm, yesterday can be a little trickier!

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If you have a sticky problem that no-one else can solve, contact us! 

Telephone +27 (0) 73 168 7187 or Cell +27 (0) 83 444-1748 Or:

JAL DISTRIBUTORS C.C. (CK 91/26642/23)

trading as JML DISTRIBUTORS. VAT No. 4740132362